Happy Holidays

The traditional Holiday Season in America encompasses the period from the secular Thanksgiving
holiday through the celebration of the New Year.
The period in between is celebrated by many groups, with many different religious, secular and cultural
Christians celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. Hand-in-hand with the religious holiday, the
Christmas holiday has also grown to be a widely observed secular festival. Although there is no evidence
that the Birth of Jesus occurred at this time of year, the leaders of the early Church chose this time to
celebrate, to take advantage of the Pagan celebrations already occurring at this season.
Jews celebrate Chanukah, another religious holiday which falls during this same period.
The group of naturalistic religions loosely referred to as Paganism celebrates the Winter Solstice, an
astronomical event which occurs at this time. This celebration pre-dates Christmas by centuries.
There are other cultural and religious celebrations that take place during this time that I will not list or
discuss, because I don’t know enough about them. I do, however, wish those who celebrate them a joyful
season as well.
I have chosen NOT to limit my wishes for a Happy Holiday season to any one of these groups. If anyone
is offended because I have chosen to be inclusive, rather than to exclude anyone, that offense was not my
Please accept my wish for a Happy Holiday Season in the spirit it is meant.

Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men.

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